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Cytomine software is a web platform for collaborative analysis of very large bio-medical images and semi-automatic processing of large image collections using machine learning algorithms. The software provides a very fast access to high-resolution images allowing users to annotate regions of interest and add semantic information to images and to annotations. Additionally, users have the possibility to run algorithms for semi-automated image analysis and share all their work with teammates using synchro- or asynchronous tools. Cytomine is used in teaching (universities), research (CROs, pharma’s) and diagnosis at the hospital.

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Community Edition

A new version of Cytomine Community Edition released in May 2023. This new major opensource version opens a new era for Cytomine platform : new way to install, refactoring of main components, new features, new version naming, etc. Cytomine CE is open source. Documentation for this edition is included on this documentation portal.

Enterprise Edition

Released in June 2023, and based on the latest Cytomine CE, Cytomine Enterprise Edition Teaching (EET) extends the open-source software Cytomine with features and modules that makes teaching cytology, histology and pathology easy.

ULiège Edition

Community Edition with experimental modules from ULiège R&D team.

For teachers

Learn how to use our rich image viewer, available anywhere at any time, to set up different types of interactive activities in your courses.

For researchers

Learn how to reach a new level of collaboration for cutting-edge research project.

For pathologists

Discover how Cytomine can help you into your digital pathology workload and diagnosis processes by easily access your patient's scanned slides or speeding-up your quantifications.

For data scientists

A RESTful platform to support Open Data paradigm and sky-rocket data science initiatives.